2022 Community Visioning Process - Envision Roseville

City Council Begins Community-Wide Visioning Process

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Roseville City Council on Monday, July 11 voted to move forward with communications consultants Zan Associates to implement a community-wide visioning process centered around City aspirations. 

"We are excited to move forward with this process, with the backing of this organization," says Assistant City Manager Rebecca Olson. "Zan Associates provides us with the guidance we need to make sure that diverse City voices are being heard, and decisions are being made that support our goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion."

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Policy Objective

The city’s approved Strategic Racial Equity Action Plan (SREAP) as well as the city’s Racial Equity Narrative detail the city’s commitment to providing an inclusive community. Part of that includes improving engagement, and participation among community members, developing relationships and increasing collaboration with community leaders and organizations, following through on lessons learned through community members by committing to listen, learn and implement improved methods and practices to better serve the needs of all in the community. The objective is to ensure that the City’s strategic vision is directly informed by the Roseville community.