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EAB Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is EAB?

    • Emerald ash borer (EAB) is a non-native, invasive insect from Asia that kills all species of ash (Fraxinus) trees.
  • What are some signs and symptoms of EAB?

    • Woodpecker activity: Woodpeckers fleck off outer darker bark to reveal lighter bark beneath and create dime-sized holes while looking for larvae. This is referred to as “blonding.
    • Bark splits: Larvae tunneling under the bark cause it to split open on branches and trunks, tunnels can then be seen.
    • Crown dieback: The larvae disrupt the flow of water and nutrients causing branches to die, the tree will eventually die from this disruption.
    • Suckering shoots: Ash trees can send out shoots at the base of the tree when stressed from an EAB infestation.
    • By the time signs and symptoms of EAB are noticeable on ash trees, the larvae have damaged the tree so much so that treatment becomes less effective or is often no longer a viable option for managing the pest. 
  • Does the city remove private trees?

    • The city does not remove private trees. Tree removal companies must be licensed by the City of Roseville, Click here for a link to the list.
    • In addition, the City’s contractor, Tree Trust is offering a 10% discount to Roseville property owners for private ash tree removal. Please contact them directly at: 612-297-2703.  
  • Is there any funding available for private tree removal or treatment?

    • The city does not provide funding for private tree removal or treatment. 
  • How can I determine if a tree in my yard is public or private?

    • The Roseville Parks and Recreation Department can help determine ownership please call the City Forestry Coordinator at 651-792-7142.  
  • Can someone come and assess the public ash tree near my house? 

    • Yes, by calling Roseville Parks and Recreation at 651-792-7142
  • Is my tree on the list for removal?

    • The City is responsible for all ash trees on public property. The City’s accelerated EAB management plan indicates that all ash trees, except for the 238 trees (located mostly in parks), will be removed. The City’s contractor will be removing all of the 914 ash trees in a phased prioritization until completion in 2025. You can check out upcoming removals HERE.
  • When will my tree come down?

    • The City’s contractor is removing ash trees in a systematic, phased way across the City, addressing those trees most in need of removal first. Property owners will be notified via USPS up to 30 days ahead of tree removal in their adjacent ROW. In addition, the trees will be marked with a green ring at least seven days ahead of removal.
  • What if I do not want a new tree to replace my ash that is being removed? 

    • Because of the environmental and health benefits provided by a robust urban forest, the City is planning to replace each removed public ash tree with a new tree in its place. 
    • Additionally, replacing all of the City’s removed ash trees will set up the next generation of Roseville residents for a vibrant urban forest and species diverse tree canopy. 
  • Can I get a new tree even if an ash tree was not removed from my boulevard?

    • There will be many places across the City of Roseville that will not be able to accommodate a new tree. The City’s contractor is targeting replanting efforts in areas of the City most in need of additional tree canopy as a means to more equitably distribute the tree benefits more evenly across the city. 
  • Can my ash tree be treated?

    • As part of the City’s accelerated EAB removal plan, the decision has been made to remove all ash trees that have not been previously preserved as part of the city’s EAB management strategy. Due to the nature of this pest, it is highly likely that any tree that has not been previously treated, will be in an advanced stage of infestation and unable to be preserved.

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