2020 Pathway Improvement project


In 2020, the City will be rehabilitating and constructing over a mile of various pathways across the City.

The project includes the following segments:

  • Langton Lake Park – New 8’ bituminous pathway along the north side of the park to create a 7-looped trail. 
  • Central Park – New 8’ bituminous pathway over the existing aglime pathway near the Legion 9 Ballfield. 
  • Tamarack Park – New 8’ bituminous pathway from the playground out to Western Avenue.
  • Resurface pathway on the west side of Willow Pond in Willow Pond Park.
  • Resurface two pathways in Central Park from the Victoria Ballfields to Dale Street.
  • Construct a new 200 foot sidewalk connection on the east side of Dale Street from the B-Dale  parking lot to the existing sidewalk that connects to County Road B sidewalks.
All of these segments are outlined on the Pathway Map.


All work on this project has been substantially completed.