Playground Safety Surface

You and your little ones may call them "woodchips," but the chunks of wood inside our playground containers are actually a specially designed safety product called engineered wood fiber. Engineered wood fiber provides superior fall attenuation, is attractive and efficient to install.  However, periodically all engineered wood fiber surfaces do require a topping off due to compaction and spillage. Every year Roseville Parks and Recreation utilizes a rotating schedule and manual inspections to identify playgrounds in need of more engineered wood fiber. 

In 2020, the following parks will receive additional engineered wood fiber: 

  • Materian Park                              
  • Oasis                                                    
  • Rosebrook                                      
  • Central Park Lexington (Curley)    
  • Bruce Russell                                         
  • Langton Lake South                      
  • Lower villa                                         
  • Mapleview