Edison Multifamily Community

Sand Development, LLC, a subsidiary of Sand Companies, Inc., has proposed the development of a 209 unit life-style community (“Edison”) on an 8.71 acre parcel located near the southeast corner of County Road D and Old Highway 8. The parcel is currently zoned for HDR-1, High Density Residential, permitting housing on the site.

The 209 units of residential housing will be incorporated into three multifamily buildings along with a central community building. The multifamily buildings will have multiple story heights to break up the building elevations, but no building will be greater than four-stories at the buildings’ highest point.

Additionally, the Edison development will provide a large mix of market rate housing, workforce housing for families and housing for Veterans and residents that have experienced long term homelessness. This mix of housing options helps the City of Roseville meet its Goal 1 for Housing and Neighborhoods in the City’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The Edison life-style community will be a high quality housing development serving residents with a wide range of income levels. When complete, Edison will expand and diversify Roseville’s tax base, provide additional housing opportunities to sustain employment for Roseville’s businesses and also encourage private development with sustainable designs.

Edison MultiFamily Community-- Site Location

Mixed Income Development Breakdown

Number of Units
Income Limit %
Income Limit $
Market Rate- General Occupancy
Workforce-- Singles/Families
60% of AMI
Long-Term Homeless-- Veteran^
60% of AMI
Long-Term Homeless-- Individual^^
60% of AMI
Table Notes:
*60% or less of area median income of Ramsey County effective 3/28/2016 with household of four persons
​**60% or less of area median income of Ramsey County effective 3/28/2016 with household of three persons
​*** 60% or less of area median income of Ramsey County effective 3/28/2016 with house hold of one person
​^Units targeted with Veteran preference
​^^Units targeted for individuals Ramsey County priority​

Other proposed features of this project include:

  • Storm Water Enhancements

    -Rainwater Harvesting: Allow rainwater to be captured from building rooftops and the solar carports to be used for landscape watering needs to reduce the use of potable water.

    -Rain Gardens: Will allow rainwater runoff from impervious areas to be absorbed into the ground which reduces erosion, water pollution, flooding and diminished ground water.
  • Solar Energy Garden

      -Provide clean energy for decades beyond its initial installation.
      -Allow residents of the Edison Multifamily Community to subscribe and receive payment for the solar energy produced by the solar garden.
  • Solar Carport

    -Provide the physical space needed for proposed solar energy garden.
    -Protect vehicles and parking spaces from, sun, hail, snow and rain.
    -Allow water run-off to be captured via gutters and piped to underground water cisterns allowing the water to be utilized and reused.
Edison Multifamily Community-- Building Configuration