Comprehensive Surface Water Management Plan


The Comprehensive Surface Water Management Plan (CSWMP) is a document that describes the city’s current surface water resources (e.g., lakes, ponds, wetlands); establishes the overall goals and policies the city will follow in managing surface water throughout the city; and defines specific actions and improvement projects the city may undertake over the approximate 10-year term of the plan.

The scope of the plan covers many areas including water quality, flooding, wetlands, groundwater protection, construction site management, operation and maintenance of the city’s stormwater system, and public education and involvement.

Development Standards

To help achieve the water resource goals of the CSWMP, the City of Roseville has developed specific requirements that apply to development and redevelopment projects. These standards are also intended help the city maintain compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) municipal permit program. These standards highlight important aspects of the requirements for stormwater quality, discharge rate and volume control, erosion control, and illicit discharge.

These standards do not replace or supersede city ordinances, watershed district regulations, state and federal rules or permits required for the project. For a more detailed listing of requirements see the specific policies of the city’s SWMP and the applicable city ordinances, or consult with city staff on your specific project.

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