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Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant Flushing
The Roseville Public Works Department is hard at work. Each year, the city flushes all 1,750 fire hydrants to make sure they work properly. Mineral deposits can accumulate in water mains. Hydrant flushing gets rid of the mineral deposits from the distribution system. Hydrants are flushed each spring after the city sweeps the streets of sand and debris that has accumulated over the winter months.

Discolored Water
On rare occasions your water may be discolored when you turn on the tap. If this occurs, let the water run until it is clear. Although the discolored water may have a mineral taste, it is safe to drink. Be sure to check the quality of the water before doing laundry when hydrants are being flushed. If stains from the water appear on laundered clothes, do not dry the clothes. Wash the clothes again to remove rust stains.

Reporting Interference
Only authorized city employees may use fire hydrants or interfere with the water system. If you see someone interfering with a hydrant, call Roseville Police at 651-767-0640.

The city code prohibits shrubs or trees or any other objects within 3 feet of a fire hydrant. Please keep fire hydrants free of anything that could hide it from view.
Hydrant Flushing
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