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Under Minnesota State Statute 211A.02, candidates, committees and corporations that receive and/or spend more than $750 in a calendar year must file a campaign finance report with the state. Reports are due within 14 days of reaching the $750 threshold; 10 days before a primary or special election; 10 days before a general or special election; 30 days after a general or special election and by January 31 of each year following the year when an initial report was filed. If a person does not receive or spend $750 or more, no report is required.

Ramsey County has created a 2020 Campaign Finance Guide to assist candidates.

Under Roseville City Code 103.015, candidates for a Roseville City Office must file a campaign finance report which lists all individuals, committees or organizations that have made contributions that in aggregate is greater than $50. A report is required whether a candidate receives a contribution or not. Reports are due 10 days before a primary, general or special election and 30 days after a general or special election.

Information on campaign finance reports is public and is posted by Ramsey County. Campaign reports from 1987 to 2014 are available in the city's archives. Ramsey County has taken the responsibility to maintain campaign reports.

2020 Candidate Campaign Finance Reports (as of 10/26/20)

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